Artist Bio

Rolfe Knudsen Rolfe Knudsen is an artist and musician who has spent the past twenty years working in Europe, the UK and the US from a base in London. His association with the music industry led to commissions from high-profile groups and organisations to create art and design for CD covers, posters, and promotional material.

Now living in Australia permanently, Rolfe is expanding exposure of his work through the production of fine art prints of selected images.

His singular brand of surrealism is inspired by the tragic-comedy of everyday life, the excesses of human behaviour, the absurdity of ritual, and manifestation of new visual possibilities now being revealed by science and technology.

Most of all, his probing of the recesses of imagination is fuelled by an acute sense of the ridiculous.

The intricate, time-consuming fine line technique evokes the era of the steel etching and this somehow lends substance to the notion that visual ideas like these are evolutionary, perpetually revealing unexpected new horizons.